Curaprox BE YOU - Toothbrush & Toothpastes - Six Taste Pack

R 360.00

The beginner’s six-pack: all six new bold toothpaste flavors in one package. Try them all one after another. Taste, feel and decide which suits you best. Your day. Your mood.

  • - Grapefruit & Bergamont
  • - Peach & Apricot
  • - Watermelon
  • - Gin, Tonic & Persimmon
  • - Blackberry & Licorice
  • - Apple & Aloe

What they have in common: natural ingredients and herbal essences combined in new ways for oral health and whiter teeth, with menthol power pearls for long-lasting freshness.

Great for travel, to try the different flavors, or to keep brushing fun for kids!