Zoom teeth whitening

Brighten up your smile

Nothing boosts confidence like a bright white smile. Philips Zoom is the most requested professional whitening brand on the market. It is safe with proven results, making your teeth on average up to 8 shades whiter.


Every session starts with a smile assessment by the Go team to ensure that you would benefit from teeth whitening. We offer whitening sessions in 15-minute increments to make sure you get a great result that suits your budget.

Treatment cost

Your teeth whitening will be split across three appointments for optimal results & reduced sensitivity.

1st appointment: Clean & take impressions – 45 mins @ R930.

2nd appointment: Two 15 minute in chair whitening sessions - 45mins @ R2 960.

3rd appointment: 15 minute in chair whitening session - 35min @ R790.

TOTAL: R4 680

This includes all 3 Appointments- including Consultation, Teeth Cleaning, 3 x in -chair ZOOM whitening sessions, PLUS the take home top up kit.

Depending on your medical aid, you should be able to claim back about R688,10.

The full cost of the treatment is due upfront, and all 3 appointments must take place within 30 days of your first booking.