Zoom teeth whitening

Brighten up your smile

Nothing boosts confidence like a bright white smile. Philips Zoom is the most requested professional whitening brand on the market. It is safe with proven results, making your teeth on average up to 8 shades whiter.


Every session starts with a smile assessment by the Go team to ensure that you would benefit from teeth whitening. We offer whitening sessions in 15-minute increments to make sure you get a great result that suits your budget.

Treatment cost

Your teeth whitening will be split across three appointments for optimal results & reduced sensitivity.

Appointment 1: 

Includes consultation, professional Teeth Cleaning & impressions (for your take home kit).

Discovery Vitality members earn 1 000 dental check up points for the cleaning.

Cost: R1,000

Appointment 2: 

2 x 15 minute in chair whitening sessions.

Cost: R2,960

Appointment 3:

1 x 15 minute in chair whitening session. You receive your take home kit to 'top up' your whitening over the next 12-18 months at home.

Cost: R940

Grand Total R4,900

The full cost of the treatment is due upfront, and all 3 appointments must take place within 30 days of your first booking.