Orthodontic records by Hugo Orthodontics

Get a smile to smile about

We’ve partnered up with Hugo Orthodontics to make your perfect smile a reality.  Get Orthodontic records, treatment plans and quotes from our store in Nicolway. Treatment will take place at the Hugo Orthodontics practice in Floracliffe.

We offer metal braces, braces with colour, tooth-coloured braces, hidden braces (lingual) and Invisalign state of the art clear aligners.

Pre-treatment cost

First Consultation, X-rays, Diagnostic Photographs and Treatment Planning, Records & Quotation: R2566.10.

Depending on your medical aid, you should be able to claim back: R2566.10

Treatment cost

Hugo Orthodontics utilise technology, design thinking and efficient techniques that allow costs to be kept as low as possible – giving more patients the reward of a beautiful smile.

Costs will vary based on which type of treatment you choose, and the severity of the case.

Labial (normal braces) cases range between R14,355 up to R29,200.

Lingual (inside braces) range from R28,124 up to R47,590.

Invisalign treatment fee ranges from R28,124 – R47,590 + additional upfront fee of USD2500 approx. R35 000 (Invisalign appliance fee). Depending on your medical aid, you should be able to claim back the full treatment fee excluding the additional upfront Invisalign appliance fee.

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